Rize Stairs Ltd – Recent Installations

  • Open Cantilever

    Open Cantilever

  • Single Stringer

    Single Stringer

  • Suspended Wood Block

    Suspended Wood Block

  • Double Side Stringer

    Double Side Stringer

  • Wood Block

    Wood Block

  • Side Stringer

    Side Stringer

  • Center Beam

    Center Beam

  • Cantilevered Wood

    Cantilevered Wood

  • Glass and Cantilever

    Glass and Cantilever

  • Suspended Wood

    Suspended Wood

  • Wood on Glass

    Wood on Glass

  • Suspended Wood

    Suspended Wood

  • Closed Wood Suspended

    Closed Wood Suspended

  • Closed Wood Block

    Closed Wood Block

  • Continuous Wood on Beam

    Continuous Wood on Beam

  • Glass Stairs side supports

    Glass Stairs side supports

  • Double Side Stringers

    Double Side Stringers

  • Glass steps

    Glass steps

  • Glass Steps on Glass wall

    Glass Steps on Glass wall

  • Glass Traction Surface

    Glass Traction Surface

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